I don't know if I will SURVIVE!


My Cricut is BROKEN! OMG!!!! What will I do? Smash it... Throw it away... Never Scrap Again.... NOT!!!!  Wait for PC to send a new one... SmileyCentral.com  What am I going to do until then???? And to think... I was right in the middle of a project (that is due today mind u) and now I have to think of another way to finish it! Sumtimes I just Hate technology! Well hopefully PC is FAST and gets a new one out right away... (ya ya I know... how many corporations do you know that move fast?) SmileyCentral.com
So this is my new news... Are you all as bummed as I am??? SmileyCentral.com


  1. I am sorry about your cricut..but your little smiley guys are too cute!! LOL! What happened to it? did it just quit working? Mine was making a funny noise the other day...the expessions just seem louder than the regular sized one..but of course I have had it since they came out with the expressions..maybe I should just quit too?? LOL!! NEVER!! LOL!

  2. Maybe you should enter the cuttlebug blog's challenge?? I hear they are giving away an awesome prize in May!! LOL!

  3. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Thanx for making me laugh at such a sad time! ;)

  4. OH NO Whatever will you do ???? I would just die without mine hehe..


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