Cricut Cheet Sheets!

Hey Everyone! So I got up this morning and was all gung-ho on getting some projects done today... Well I haven't gotten much done... I wanted to make a "brighten your day" card and was looking through all my carts to find a "sun".... Then I remembered that long ago on the CMB I saw a list compiled... so I have spent all morning tracking this list down...AND I have fantastic news! I have found the most wonderful Cricut Cartridge Cheet sheet! Linda Scott has put together (and updates regularly) 60-something pages of Information for us ALL! The CRICUT CHEET SHEET.... you bring it up and its like a reference.  Like this morning I was looking for a sun... so you go to the ALPHA sheet... Look (alphabetically) for sun... guess what there is like 10 different carts with suns! yay!!!! I am so loving this!
Okay... now I have done my job for the day.... I am off to accomplish something creative!
Scrap Crazy!


  1. Wow! Awesome reference. Thanks for posting.

  2. I printed it out once but since then there have been so many new carts added..LOL!


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