But.... I love that color......

Okay... so you all should know that one of my favorite supplies... meaning I use it every time I scrap.... Is my chocolate brown ink! It puts just the right tint to projects... blend... pops... is majic..... So um.... what if I buy a new brown... and its not the same? Then I will be a lost scrapper.... And I definately don't want that. Cuz... Well lets face it... Scrappin' is my LIFE!  What do you guys think?

I know exactly what you are thinking.... "this girl has completely lost her marbles"...."I would never put a picture like this on my blog".... But admit it! You know who you are out there... what does your favorite tool/supply look like?  Besides... this is just a VERY well used ink! And thrifty me will USE IT ALL!
Thanx for coming by... tell me what you think about my ink... or your own well used supply!
Scrap Crazy Everyone!


  1. I don’t have a favorite tool that’s used up yet. You see I spend my free time on the computer looking at what everyone else is doing instead of scrapbooking. My daughter is ten and I’m scrapbooking pictures of when she was two and to top it off we’ve been to Disney five time’s and I’m still working on the first trip. I say use your chocolate brown ink till you can’t use it no more. I really do hope that when you buy a new one it will be the same:)
    disneynut77 at yahoo dot com

  2. Disneynut, I too spend MANY hours on the computer looking at everyone elses projects. I have only been to disney once when I was a kid. So FUN for you to scrap 5 different trips! lol I have seen some amazing disney books! And have you seen the new toy story cart comming out? Cute!
    Thanx for comming by to say hello... come back soon...
    Scrap Crazy


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