Comic Cards!

So I was sitting here one day(trying to get inspiration) and I thought hummmmm..... I wonder what a card would like like with a comic strip on it. So I grab the comic section of the paper and I found this very true comic strip that I just had to make a card out of...
Yup Love and Marriage... I used the Cricut for the yellow label(forgot what cart :( ) and used design studio (so that I could weld the letters) with the opposites attract cart for marriage.
So these are close ups of the comic strip... just so you get the full effect!
So these two pics are the inside of the card... just to add to the fun! I hope you like and TYFL!


  1. Very Creative! I loved this card! I also like how your duck page turned out! You are so good! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! I LOVE this idea!! So cute!


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