Christmas Project

K! So hopefully my friend Adrianne doesn't do something abnormal like look at my blog... This is her Christmas present but I just had to share. 
This is a plaque that I made for her to hang on her front door or wherever she would like.  I got the Idea from another crafter at Cricut.com. (yes I totally scraplifted this idea) Thank you Crafter for the inspiration!
So I went to LHS and picked up boards that were 5 1/2 by 12 1/2 (inches)
I picked the back ground paper- some misc paper I bought in a pack
Cut the snowmen from bazzill paper using - cricut doodlecharms cartridge - 4 & 31/2  (inches)
Then I cut the trees from bazzill paper using - cricut doodlecharms cartridge
I don't remember what size... (oops)
I used regular ribbon around the snow men!
Last but not least I used Cricut Alphalicious Cartridge for the letters!
Thanks for looking... I would appreciate any comments!
P.S. Kamie I left the pic humungo just for u girl!


  1. OH Ya what a great idea for a christmas present... :,)

  2. Ok First Thanks for leaving the picture HUGE for me! It allows you to see the whole detail and copy the idea easier (he!he!) Second HOLY CRAP WHAT A CUTE IDEA! I am going to copy it! You are so creative. Keep it going Girl! Love it!

  3. cute! Did you laminate or glaze it ? To pretect it? Love it.

  4. I Mod Podged it! but be careful some ink smears so I have learned to use spray clear acrylic over it first and let it dry... then apply the Mod Podge! TYFL

  5. Liza Henderson12/9/09, 6:22 AM

    Did you use a wrapping paper as your background? I am doing this project for my son's 1st grade (all 120 of them) and I was beginning to cut out snowflakes, but they keep tearing, bc they are so small.

  6. No I didn't use wrapping paper as the background. It was paper I bought in a misc. pack. But I bet if you are carful not to rip the paper you could use wrapping paper. That is a very interesting idea. I would like to know if it works. If you have an expressions machine try turning on your multicut button. I have heard that sometimes that helps.
    TYFL and leaving comments! Enjoy!


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